Apr 132016
Star Student in front of Sergoek Polytechnic

Star Student in front of Sergoek Polytechnic – march 2016

A plumbing student:

” I am grateful for the support I am offered by the Rafiki Ya Maisha. Thanks to Rafiki Ya Maisha, I was able to identify my talent. I am passionate in plumbing which leads me to self employment.” writes Bernard T., alias Dr. Kanga, a 27 year old student of Sergoek Polytechnic.

” I have learned a lot at the campus in Chepkanga. I used plumbing skills to start a tree nursey and with drip irrigation I save time; this leads to conservation of environment. This is how I raise money for school fees, now I am able to pay in advance, as I save more money for further studies.”

Dr. Kanga’s motivation was been acknowledged March 20th  as was nominated  for an award, becoming the “best student in the county” out of 240 competitors March 20th! This award was delivered by Technoserve, an international organization helping young people to develop their businesses and entrepreneurship courses at Sergoek Polytechnic.

The Ambassador of Ireland:

I'll be back four times!

I’ll be back for a fourth time!

“My first field trip shortly after arriving in Kenya last year was to Koshyn in February, then I came back briefly on a casual basis and today I’m here on an official visit – don’t worry, you’ll see me here again for a fourth time!” said a smiling Dr. Vincent O’Neill as he officially opened the brand new administration building at our Koshyn campus on February 27, 2016.


He came from Nairobi for the afternoon event and stressed that Misean Cara, our Irish sponsors, are very proud of our progress in Koshyn. He celebrated the long standing Irish involvement in education in the Rift Valley.

A clock:

Chepkanga students & Clock tower before setting up

Chepkanga students & Clock tower

A clock tower was raised on the roof of the first 2-room building of our Chempkanga campus early March. The teachers and 84 students training in various fields looked on curiously at this mark of distinction: the school looks unique and very different, no other school has this feature. Prof.Margaret Kamar, former Minister of Education, told the students “Congratulations for the good progress. With the clock, Time is of essence. Keep time and use it wisely as the sky is the limit for all Learners”.

These three seemingly random subjects are all connected to YOU. Our Sergoek Youth Polytechnic program is finding pace, style and purpose in a large way thanks to your support.

Irish ambassador and local officials

Irish ambassador and local officials


A distinctive style for Chepkanga campus

A distinctive style for Chepkanga campus


Opening of admin building at Koshyn

Opening of admin building at Koshyn