About the Polytechnic


Rafiki Ya Maisha is in the process of constructing and raising funds for a Polytechnic School, which will be built on a plot of 5 acres in Chepkanga, Kenya. This school will have 8 workshops, from carpentry and hairdressing, to mechanics, information technology and baking, and will equip unschooled teens —especially girls— with professional skills.

The dormitory will have the capacity to house up to 130 students and the construction of the new college will be done in several phases, over 5 years.

Several months ago the Kenyan government became a stakeholder in the Polytechnic project and began investing concretely. The project is thus growing from a village polytechnic to a government-sponsored institution able to attract an increasing number of young people.

Polytechnic School Model Chepkanga Kenya Rafiki Ya Maisha

First Model of Polytechnic Rafiki Ya Maisha

Architectural picture of school building

Architectural picture of school building