Green Building


The construction of the new college will herald a new approach: green thinking. We will recycle the timber from the old church and re-use rainwater. We will ventilate and insulate using natural air circulation and local materials. We will heat and cook using solar energy.

Building the School, Brick by Brick

A brick-making machine is helping reduce the costs of the construction. This mechanical mud press, still little known in the region and ordered in Nairobi where it is marketed by a local NGO, will allow the builders of Rafiki Ya Maisha – Kenya to make their own bricks.

Green Building with a Brickmaking Machine

The manufacturing process is ecologically friendly, operating with no electricity or firewood and using mostly local soil, water and a small quantity of cement. This brick-machine is above all economical: one of our bricks today costs 50% less than the ones available in the market place.

$250 Builds a ClassroomA donation covered 70% of the cost of the brick-making machine. The remaining 30% was topped up by Rafiki Ya Maisha – Kenya.

Local Construction of the School

The first workshop to be constructed, at the beginning July 2012, is the brick-making workshop. This workshop will enable the creation of bricks needed for the permanent construction of the Polytechnic.

A brick manager has been selected to head a team of workers. When the team becomes efficient and the production rises to a steady level, a second brick press will be purchased. This second machine will not only increase productivity but also youth employment.

Polytechnic Site Construction


Green Building

Small two-room school house built with interlocking mud bricks