Sep 192016
Rafiki announcements in Chepkanga church

Rafiki announcements in Chepkanga church

Dear Rafikis and friends,

The Chepkanga community listened attentively during our last visit in July when Rafiki Ya Maisha International and Rafiki Ya Maisha Kenya spoke at Saint Joseph’s church, Chepkanga. Many families are looking forward to sending their teenaged children for vocational training at the schools we are sponsoring.

Rafiki Ya Maisha was invited to attend a meeting of the Moiben Youth Against Drug Abuse and we were impressed by this local initiative. We have decided to partner with them and support their efforts.

Campus news. From humble beginnings several years ago as a Youth Polytechnic we have now reached the status of a Technical Training Institute. The Kosyn Tecnical Training Institute, known as “KTTI” is an administrative reality! It is a mid-level technical Institute located 15 km from Eldoret town and 20km before Iten town, the world capital of marathon runners.

The first principal of KTTI was appointed on July 15th. We welcome Mr. Ernest Cheruiyot as the piooneering steward of this new school. His credentials as former strategic planner for the famed Rift Valley Technical Training Institute, bodes well for the success of our adventure.

Our friends in Rafiki Ya Maisha and Mr. Cheruiyot are busy coordinating with the local authorities to source funds and equipment to open the Institute in the coming months. Electricity is coming, running water is there, the sceptic tank is going in and the avertizement boards are up on the roads.”This will go a long way in meeting basic requirements in preparation for student amission at Kosyn TTI”, says Mr. Cheruiyot.

We are looking forward to the new developments and hope to give you exciting news at year end!

We are moving fast now and want to thank you for traveling this road with us so far. We are reaching somewhere together!


Partners:"Youth Group against Drug Abuse"

Partners:”Youth Group against Drug Abuse”

KTTI Principal Ernest Cheruiyot and Claire

KTTI Principal Ernest Cheruiyot and Claire