Jun 122017

Container arriving in Koshin


Dear Friends,

These last days & months have been busier than ever on the ground in Koshin:

– A huge generator, the size of a room, was delivered to the school on March 28, 2017

– 2 huge trucks with containers with electrical equipment have arrived from the port of Mombasa on May 15, 2017

– Power and lighting has been connected to the institution for the very first time on June 4, 2017 !

– The equipment for the elctrical workshop took 5 days last week to assemble & install

– The teacher’s desk is now installed, complete with projector, desktop computer and accessories

– Seedilings were delivered and planting along the hedges of the compound was done earlier this month too

– The last building of the quadrangle with 2 classrooms & a multipurpose hall has now reached the ringbeam level

– The stage of the multipurpose hall is already built

– Recruitment of teachers is being conducted by the principal


We are overjoyed to see our school become a reality. Our combined efforts, energy and generosity has borne it’s fruits. Students will now be able to access this learning institution soon.

We are grateful to the Kenyan Goverment for furnishing and running the school; we admire the ceaseless energy of the Rafiki Ya maisha community and our friends in Kenya for pulling it all together; we thank all of our donors for beliving in our project and for their generosity. It is all flourishing in full view now! We couldn’t have done this without anyone of you!

Team work is our strength and daily joy. You encourage us to pursue this until every workshp is equiped and the school is brimming with students. Come and visit soon!

Claire Mathijsen

Rafiki team & school staff with arrivals


Training desks in electrical workshop

A fully equipped desk


New generator being unloaded