Sep 112017

Sergoek graduates with Diplomas

Dear Rafiki, dear friends,

Our first vocational school, the SERGOEK campus, has been rising to new heights:

– The school was selected to become an examination center for the district thus increasing it’s visibility and role in the area – New equipment was provided by the local governement bringing stores, closets & computer desks to the classrooms         – The catering students proudly displayed their culinary know how to the delight of the community on graduation day

The school will be expanding soon and we are presently raising funds for the women’s dorm and bathrooms.

Our second vocational school, the KOSHIN campus, has become very active:

– The principal started registering the first students for the recently opened electrical department

– The school held an official ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new computer center

– The latest bulding under construction with a Multipurpose Hall is raising it’s roof on large trusses at the present time.

We expect that this higher level institution will be taking off very fast as the novelty has a large appeal.

We are moving. We are active! Students have school uniforms and Tshirts, they are playing sports and graduating with new skills. Our brand new equiment and the improvements look amazing.

There is still a lot to be done. Thank you for so much for your support that means so much to us all, in France and in rural Kenya! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Kweli! (really!)



Sergoek’s new computer desks

Sergoek - young caterers display goods

Sergoek – young caterers display goods

Koshin principal & guests testing new equipment

Koshin principal & guests testing new equipment


Koshin’s happy government sponsor

Koshin: a roof for Wing IV in quadrangle

Koshin: a roof for Wing IV in quadrangle