Focus Areas

  • Focus Areas

In rural Kenya, 74% of the teenagers and young adults are unable to move beyond available free primary education. These “lost” teens or ‘dropouts’ typically turn to risky behaviors: early pregnancies for girls and addictions or violence for boys. Towns become ghettoized and rural areas lose their youth. Offering this “lost” youth a technical education closer to home aims to break the cycle of poverty on site, right where it is needed.

Rafiki Ya Maisha was founded to provide vocational training to unemployed young people in need, who have no secondary education or access to trade schools in rural Western Kenya. We are mobilizing to build a sustainable Polytechnic school with a degree program, offering a variety of courses with workshops, a library, a theater, classrooms, computers and boarding facilities. The graduates can start their own businesses or develop a career.

Rafiki Ya Maisha has three focus areas:

  • Training & Education

  • Community Empowerment

  • Sustainable Development