There is no better way to learn about Rafiki Ya Maisha’s work than to hear from its beneficiaries:


This school is building confidence in them – now there is none. This training will go a long way. They’ll own it. It’s the first of its kind in this area. Somebody, somewhere, is thinking about them.”
Ambrose Murgor, Headmaster of Lelit Primary School, feeder school
Sewing Class

Young women in Sewing & Tailoring class


I joined the school and it has changed my standard of living from where I came from. We have hope for future developments through what we are getting from Rafiki Ya Maisha considering all their efforts and the recent donations which has uplifted our lives”
Luke Kimutai, 24 years
I came from a poor remote family in Marakwet. I believe that the youth have been uplifted and empowered through this school and the efforts of Rafiki Ya Maisha. I will forever be thankful for their initiative in supporting the youth and community at large. Thank you and God Bless you.”
Jane Jepchumba, 21 years
Imagine– we are paying very little but getting a lot of knowledge”. Like the 6 new computer students, 3 hair-dressing students (including 1 man), and 5 tailoring students, she feels that without this support, she would never have the opportunity to learn new skills today.
Samwel, 17 year-old student in Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy
We received advanced electronic sewing machines from Rafiki Ya Maisha which were faster and more effective and I am glad that later on I shall be able to be employed in a big factory because I have the knowledge in using these machines which are also used there. I thank God for Rafiki Ya Maisha and their donations in helping me empower myself to be able to compete with others in life.”
Judith Kiprob, 19 years

I am IN the course of Fashion and Designing at Segoek Youth Polytechnic.

  • Very near our home, no using  matatu to reach the school.
  • Government Instructors who are giving us the real sylibus.
  • Sponsors! With their donations- machines. Thank you a lot.
  • Yearly Volonteers who often give us encouragement.
  • Government fee which centered each student with 15 thousand, wonderful!

Just to mention but a few. I am seeing a wonderful goal ahead of me (future). God bless you all.
Agneta Jeptum, Second Year student, age 23

Student Testimonials

Shelter Yetu


It seems now that we are very encouraged to do something. Every day is different, not like the bank work. In fact, I like this better! It’s giving me a lot of energy now. You know, when you retire, you just sit. You get sick. I’m very thankful and I don’t know how to thank you. This lot would have been idle. I would have been home, idle also. But now I’m busy running this. I’m up early, running to town, going to Chepkanga, spending a lot of energy. My son is here too. It’s good for the whole family and the country. Tell your friends how grateful we are.”
Helen Kiptoo, 55 years
Village Elders Testimonials

Chepkanga village elders in old church: it was torn down to give way to the polytechnic school buildings.